Driveways make a personal statement about a property and when they are kept in fantastic condition they can make a significant contribution to its value. Whether you need some maintenance work to your existing driveway or you wish to install a new one there are many options available. From block paving to concrete and tarmac you can easily make optimal space of your exterior space by installing a driveway that meets your needs.


As with driveways, well-designed and constructed paths around your property can greatly enhance its appeal and monetary value. Smooth and aesthetically pleasing paths are ideal as they help keep kids safe on their bikes and scooters as well as act as the ideal canvas for flowers, trees and other garden features.


Gates are a good idea when it comes to keeping your home secure. They will often deter potential thieves as an attempt to open them without attracting attention and making noise is time-consuming and opportunistic thieves are looking to get in and out of your property as soon as possible. Installing gates at your property gives you comprehensive peace of mind as they offer improved security, help keep pets and kids safe and can also add unique aesthetic value.


Steps are the perfect way to turn a garden slope into a well-designed and functional feature. Once your steps are in place, they can transform the look of your exterior space and they also act as a blank canvas for plants and many other landscape components. Stone steps are a fantastic ornamental feature as they soften the hardscape and create an entirely unique visual.


Everyone dreams of having an outdoor pool and the most obvious advantage is the considerable increase in the value of a property after installation. There are of course, many others including recreational time with family and friends, fitness, the money saved on holidays and more. We can ensure you choose the best design for your pool and that installation will be carried out safely and efficiently.


Man-made ponds are a great way of benefiting wildlife and creating an ideal climate for many different kinds of plants. Stone ponds make a fantastic outdoor feature and offer a shallow portion of water for wading and bathing birds. Whatever size of pond you need we can help you choose the right design for your garden or outdoor space.


Lawns are an attractive landscape feature that can offer you many benefits such as providing a safe and comfortable play area for children and an appealing outdoor area for barbecues and get togethers. All design and lawn installation are carried out by our professional team and our lawns will provide you with a long-lasting, low-maintenance evergreen.


Decking offers you many creative ways of changing and improving your outdoor space. From pathways and platforms to raised levels and seating there are a world of options available. Decking is quick and easy to install and can be easily maintained and kept clean.

Water Features

Water features offer a peaceful, calming and luxurious addition to any outdoor landscape. As well as attracting local wildlife and enhancing your eco system they also bring the sound of nature to your own garden. You can choose from cascading waterfalls, wall fountains or pondless features. Whatever you opt for a water feature offers your garden something truly unique.