Partition walls can be constructed using a variety of materials including glass, sheet glass, concrete, wood and clay and as they are not typically load-bearing, they can be fitted easily.


Most internal first floor walls are made up of studwork which is a fast and efficient method of erecting a wall. Studwork consists of plasterboard screwed over the top of a timber frame. Studwork enables wires and pipes to easily be placed in the hollow part of the wall. We can carry out all aspects of studwork in any joinery projects.

Timber Frame Construction

Some construction projects benefit from the use of timber frame due to their requirements. Timber frame construction is fast and accurate and the major benefit is that the insulation is contained within the structure’s depth. Room’s with timber frame insulation will cool down and heat up quickly ensuring an efficient and convenient internal temperature system.

Wood Work

Part of joinery includes a careful wood work process and can include anything from constructing internal stairs, integrated furniture and making window and door frames. All joinery work is carried out by experienced professionals.

Arches, Staircases and Floorboards

Our team can create detailed and intricate curved arches using state of the art materials and equipment along with specially designed staircases. We also offer the installation of various types of skirting boards and flooring including hardwood flooring and floorboards. All wood construction is bespoke and professionally installed.

Wooden Doors and Frames

Wooden doors and frames are available in hardwood and softwood among others and can be easily installed. All wooden doors and window frames are available in a wide range of thicknesses, height and width and our professional team can install both interior and exterior doors.