GrassProtecta® by Terram is a grass reinforcement mesh with a heavy duty slip resistant polyethylene grid for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces which are prone to wear and rutting which can result in muddy surfaces which are incapable of handling vehicular or pedestrian use.

GrassProtecta® mesh has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight orientated meshes.

Typical Uses

  • Grass Car Parks
  • Pedestrian Paths

  • Equestrian Surfaces

  • Grass Verges

  • Caravan Parks

The mesh can be supplied in 2 different thicknesses (11mm & 14mm) which is determined by the application required. GrassProtecta® mesh is manufactured from partly recycled UV stabilised polyethylene polymer and is available in 2m x 20m and 1m x 10m rolls.

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Grass Protection
Grass Protection
Grass Protection
Slip resistant polymer mesh
Supports up to 8 tonnes per axle
Cost effective, Easy installation
Lays on surface, minimal preparation required