Garden and Shed Design

As one of the central pieces in many gardens and outdoor spaces, the garden shed is a place of storage, style and sanctuary for many people. At Modus Builds, our garden designers incorporate all aspects of garden and shed design in order to produce the perfect shed, summerhouse or log cabin. Our intuitive designs combine aesthetics and functionality to give you a shed that looks the part and fits in with the rest of your garden.

We draw on a flexible, customised design process that makes the most of space and natural surroundings, whilst taking your ideas making them central to the design. With Modus Builds, no stone is left unturned in our mission to provide the perfect garden landscape, taking in all aspects of light, shade, space and architecture in order to craft the right gardening solution.

Comprehensive Design & Installation Service

By considering best practice, our landscape architects and designers can make use of available space, light and shade in order to position your shed either as a central feature or tucked away in a quiet corner – the choice is yours. In addition to shed design, we manufacture and install your garden shed on site ourselves, using our skill and craftsmanship to construct your shed in way that ensures cohesion and structural integrity for years to come.

With a range of interior and exterior finishing options available, you can personalise your structure to match any requirements you may have for it, as well as ensuring that the finished article fits in with your sense of style.

Advice on Planning Permission

Whilst planning permission is not normally required for small scale additions to your garden, in some cases and in certain circumstances it does become necessary to seek approval from your local authority before any changes can be made. Modus Builds can provide advice and clarity in these situations, based on our experience and understanding of local planning regulations.

Where necessary, we can review the appropriate planning permission guidelines and give your project the boost it needs to get started.