Building Work

Brick Walls

Brick is used so widely in construction as it offers so many advantages. Brick walls are strong and durable, ensuring they can withstand the elements for many years. Aesthetically. bricks are ideal as they do not fade or change colour overtime and they have no vulnerability to termites. Brick does not decay or dent and can take up to 25 years to show any signs of wear and tear, making it very easy to maintain. Brick exteriors also increase the value of your home as potential buyers are looking for natural durability and low maintenance. Further benefits of brick walls are increased fire resistance, improved soundproofing and multiple design possibilities.

Block Work

Block work is ideal for many homeowners as it is an efficient construction process that saves on labour as the materials are easy to handle and cut. Block sets very quickly and ensures rapid construction times .It also offers greater property insulation and is ideal for cement and plaster rendering.

Stone Work

Stone masonry provides a long list of benefits. The durability of stone means it is practically impenetrable and even the harshest weather conditions will not cause any impact. Stone structures will stand for many years and maintain their ageless appearance. Stone is also incredibly versatile giving you a wide range of design options for your property.


Cladding offers an additional layer of protection to a property as well as increasing its structural integrity and resistance to the elements. Cladding involves the use of several materials such as stone, wood and plastic with each one requiring little to no maintenance and repairs. Cladding comes in a large variety of styles and colours allowing you to give your property unique visual appeal.

Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone is highly durable, very versatile and can be arranged and laid in the style and pattern of your choosing. Serving as an alternative to stone it can be easily washed and ensures low maintenance and upkeep. Indian Sandstone is aesthetically pleasing, stays cool in warm weather and will not fade or discolour over time.

Garden Walls

Garden walls are the ideal way of creating an enclosed outdoor space and increasing levels of privacy and security. They make an attractive addition to your property, thus increasing value and proving very durable. Available in a selection of materials including brick, granite and sandstone garden walls can offer any property either a contemporary or traditional look.