Landscaping in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Modus Builds is a specialist landscape gardening specialist based in the North East. We have a well established reputation for building innovative garden design solutions in both domestic and commercial sites throughout Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham.

From the initial consultation and design phrase through to implementation and then upkeep Modus Builds handles all aspects of landscape architecture and garden design.

We aim to create a garden and living space that reflects your unique character and incorporates simple, functional design features that you can use and enjoy for years to come. Our landscapers offer a comprehensive garden design package that covers even specialist features such as timber builds, wood carvings and furniture design.

Residential Landscape Architects

Our residential landscape gardening services cover an extensive range of garden features including decking, fencing, patios and block paving. We leave no stone unturned to create the desired effect, maximising the use of available space and incorporating light, shade and colour. This extends even to drastic such as relaying your lawn altogether or reseeding it if necessary.

Modus Builds covers an inclusive range of landscaping features such as:

  • All types of trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Garden walls
  • Terracing
  • Driveways

We make best use of plants, shrubs and flowers, using combinations informed by a bespoke planting scheme devised just for you and your garden.

Over many years we have built strong relationships with a select group of reliable local suppliers, which means before the commencement of each project we can quickly source building materials and plants.

Developing your garden should be a fun and enjoyable journey, and this is what we look to create over the course of a project. Modus Builds draws on a collaborative approach that takes the ideas and preferences of our customers and then adds some insights of our own in order to create a comprehensive design brief.

Landscapers in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Commercial Landscape Architects

Commercial landscape architecture often requires a different approach, especially for projects on a larger scale, and this is something that Modus Builds is well equipped for. Our landscapers have a wealth of experience working with clients in the agricultural, retail and industrial sectors in order to provide straightforward, practical and value added landscaping solutions with a solid foundation.

We apply both “soft” and “hard” landscaping methods to our design briefs, including construction work, brickwork and even water features.

Working with clients in both the public and private sectors we have a proud track record delivering bespoke commercial landscaping in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham. Today we continue to provide leading landscaping services, starting out with an initial site survey during which we can recommend improvements to be made, including any site specific features.

Please contact us by phone or email to find out more.