Lakes, Ponds and Water Features in Richmond and Bishop Auckland

Modus Builds is a firm of experienced domestic landscape gardeners offering a definitive range of water features, from fountains and waterfalls to ponds and lakes.

In both urban and rural settings, water features like fountains, ponds and lakes can offer a sense of peace, tranquillity and beauty to a landscape, as well as providing an effective focal point for your garden or outdoor space. We offer bespoke water feature design and development, specialising in designs that add value and blend into the existing surroundings of your garden.

We aim to use different design elements in order to create a natural looking water feature that you can use and enjoy for years to come.

Water Features in Richmond and Bishop Auckland

For many people, sitting back, relaxing and listening to the sound of gently moving water is the perfect way to de-stress after a long day. At Modus Builds our designs produce water features that fit in around your garden down to the letter, using a diverse range of materials including metal, glass, stainless steel, canvas and even mirrors in order to achieve the desired effect.

We can develop bespoke water features including fountains, waterfalls, raised ponds and more using our own design templates. The water features we create include both formal and informal designs which allow us to incorporate your feature into your garden, for example as part of a patio effect.

Developers of Lakes, Ponds and Water Features in Richmond and Bishop Auckland

Ponds and Pond Design in Richmond and Bishop Auckland

Garden ponds add life to a garden, bring colour and vitality to an outdoor space and are good for the environment and local wildlife. We offer pond design and installation services either by itself or as part of a garden renovation project. We offer both liner type and pre-formed ponds with installation options that include raised, half-raised or sunk.

Lakes and Lake Design in Richmond and Bishop Auckland

From design through to construction and water management Modus Builds offers the complete lake design package in Richmond and Bishop Auckland.

Any lake design project that we undertake begins with a thorough preparation of the site in order to ensure that it is suitable for construction. This can involve any number of “hard” landscaping solutions such as shaping, excavations and ground works as well as the installation of effective drainage systems.

This means that our lakes are built using solid foundations, making them easier to manage in the future.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Overgrown plants, de-oxygenated water and layers of leaves, debris and detritus can all take their toll, both on the water features themselves and on nearby wildlife. As well as design and installation Modus Builds offers proactive cleaning and maintenance services for water features in Richmond and Bishop Auckland.