Lakes, Ponds and Water Features in Darlington and Durham

Modus Builds is a domestic garden landscaping specialist based in Darlington. We offer an innovative approach to water feature design that incorporates all aspects of garden design and water management. Our water feature specialists have been involved extensively in both building and then subsequently maintaining water features in both rural and urban environments.

Lakes, ponds and bespoke water features add a sense of style and tranquillity to any environment, often simply by using the relaxing sound of running water. At Modus Builds we offer a definitive range of water features, from fountains and waterfalls to large scale lakes and everything else in between.

Water Features

At Modus Builds we offer water feature design, construction and development for residential customers in Darlington and Durham. This includes both formal and informal water features and covers fountains, waterfalls, raised ponds and more. As with all our garden landscaping solutions we use the right materials and visual effects to make sure that your water feature will blend in with the rest of your garden, serving not as an eyesore but as a unique focal point and source of relaxation.


A pond is not only a source of peace and tranquillity; it can also add colour and life to your garden, as well as having a number of positive environmental impacts. Modus Builds offers bespoke pond design services, with features such as raised ponds, half-raised ponds and sunk ponds available depending on what would best suit your garden.

We work with clay, stone or concrete in order to install both liner type and pre-formed ponds in Darlington and Durham.

Developers of Lakes, Ponds and Water Features in Darlington and Durham


Modus Builds both installs and then subsequently develops lakes and other large bodies of water on sites in Darlington and Durham. From design to construction and then on-going management we can turn your dream into a reality. Our service includes careful site preparation as standard. During the pre-construction phase we assess the condition of the ground around the site and carry out any necessary excavation and grounds work, including shaping, landscaping and installing drainage.

We also offer the construction of additional structures and features such as paths, walkways, jetties and decking features.

Maintenance & Aftercare

The process doesn’t end once our construction team has left – ponds, lakes and water features require cleaning and maintenance on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that they stand the test of time. Overgrown plants, leaves, debris and detritus can all leave their mark, which is why we offer cleaning and maintenance services to make sure that your water features do not fall into disrepair.