Grass Cutting, Field Topping, Rotavating and Seeding in Yarm

From small gardens to public parks, allotments to fields, caring for soil and grass is vital for ensuring the continued health of local plants and wildlife. By keeping your lawn mowed, fed and watered, you can improve the quality of your grass and keep weed formation in check.

As a dedicated garden landscaping specialist, Modus Builds understands the need to remove rough or overgrown areas of grass and thereby keep your lawn looking clean, smart and tidy. We provide a range of services aimed at implementing proper lawn care and lawn maintenance practices.

Modus Builds works with both domestic and commercial clients in Yarm and across the North East providing lawn maintenance on either a regular or a one-off basis to suit your needs.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing in Yarm

Regular grass cutting and lawn mowing practices can be time consuming, especially in large gardens, public parks or commercial sites. Let our gardeners can take the hard work out of gardening for you by keeping your lawn trimmed, fed and watered. We can happily take care of gardens small and large as well as public parks and commercial spaces.

Rotavating in Yarm

Rotavating is used to cultivate soil and better prepare it for planting, levelling, turfing and seeding. It is entirely scalable (based on the attachments you provide for your rotavator or cultivator) and is suitable for both domestic and agricultural purposes, covering gardens, allotments and entire fields.

Rotovators are mechanical devices that use a set of spinning blades (or rotors) to quickly break up, churn together and aerate the targeted area of soil. This can be especially useful when managing large expanses of land, or when trying to cultivate crops that require specific conditions in order to thrive.

Seeding in Yarm

Grass seeding takes longer than traditional turfing in terms of both in preparing the ground for seeding and in the time taken for the soil to establish itself. The results, however, are clear to see. Grass seeding also allows you to select a strain of grass that perfectly complements the conditions in your garden.

Field Topping in Yarm

Field Topping is an essential part of managing large open expanses of grassland, for example fields used for grazing animals. Regular Field Topping and Paddock Maintenance will maintain grass at a certain level, preventing weed formation and facilitating a faster breakdown of nutrients and minerals in soil. By keeping levels of grass in check you also prevent uncontrolled growth of grass, promoting biodiversity in a sustainable way.