Grass Cutting, Field Topping, Rotavating and Seeding in Richmond

Not every gardener has the time, energy and resources needed to keep their garden in check. To complement our various garden landscaping services, Modus Builds provides a number of lawn care and lawn maintenance services that are tailored for the maintenance of domestic gardens, allotments and wide expanses of grassland.

We work with domestic, commercial and public sector customers in Richmond and throughout the North East, providing them with effective lawn care and lawn maintenance services for a price that they can accommodate.

Our services include:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Rotavating
  • Seeding
  • Field Topping
  • Paddock Maintenance

At Modus Builds our approach is to improve the health, productivity and appearance of the land we manage through a series of tried and tested gardening methods and techniques. All our services are scalable, which means that they are relevant for any sized plot of land, from the smallest garden to the largest field.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing in Richmond

Modus Builds will clear away areas of rough, overgrown grass with ease whilst ensuring that your lawn is mowed, fed and watered. We can also dispense horticultural advice and tips to help you make the most of the conditions in your garden, along with seasonal lawn treatments so that your lawn both survives and thrives whatever the season.

We will dispose of all grass cuttings and clippings.

Seeding in Richmond

Grass Seeding for domestic gardens takes more time generally than turfing (in terms of both the time taken to prepare the ground and time taken for the seeds to become established) but the results are clear to see. Grass seeding gives gardeners more choice in picking a particular species of grass, which means that you can choose a grass type whose characteristics will thrive in your garden.

Rotavating in Richmond

Rotavators are used to break up, churn up and aerate soil using a set of spinning blades or rotors. These break through the soil, penetrating to deeper layers that are essential when growing certain types of plants or crops.

Modus Builds can provide reliable rotavating services for gardens, allotments and fields used for agricultural purposes. We can help to improve drainage on site whilst preparing the ground for planting, levelling, turfing or seeding as well as the general growing of crops.

Field Topping and Paddock Maintenance

For the maintenance of wide expanses of grassland (including fields used for farming and agriculture) Field Topping is an essential part of managing the growth and proliferation of grass, weeds and other pests. Regular Topping will help maintain grass sward, prevent weed formation and improve productivity by maintaining grass at a set level.