Grass Cutting, Field Topping, Rotavating and Seeding in Middlesbrough

Modus Builds is a complete gardening landscaping service based in Darlington. We offer a variety of lawn care and lawn maintenance services for both domestic and commercial clients in Teesside and Middlesbrough.

As landscape gardening specialists we understand that gardens must be worked on and maintained long after they are first created. This can mean anything mowing the lawn to horticulture to implementing seasonal lawn treatments, and actually encompasses a huge range of jobs to keep your garden clean, tidy and healthy throughout the seasons.

At Modus Builds we can deliver a number of quality gardening services suitable for gardens small and large, as well as allotments, public parks, commercial premises and even fields used for agricultural purposes. Our services in Middlesbrough include:

  • Grass Cutting & Lawn Mowing
  • Rotavating
  • Grass Seeding
  • Field Topping
  • Paddock Maintenance

Grass Cutting & Lawn Mowing in Middlesbrough

Grass cutting and lawn mowing is an essential component of regular lawn maintenance. However, few people have the time or the tools to really make this a part of their gardening routine. Modus Builds can provide regular lawn mowing and grass cutting services for gardens of any size as well as in parks, schools, commercial sites and around public buildings.

We will dispose of all grass cuttings and clippings.

Rotavating in Middlesbrough

A rotavator (also called as a cultivator) is a mechanical device that uses spinning blades (or rotors) to break up, churn and aerate soil, thereby preparing it for the cultivation of various plants and crops. This can be especially useful in situations where extra root depth is required for plant growth, or on sites that are so large that cultivating soil by hand would be prohibitively time consuming.

Rotavating can be used to improve drainage and prepare the ground for planting, leveling, turfing or seeding, as well as the general growing of crops. It is fit for use on gardens, allotments and agricultural fields.

Grass Seeding in Middlesbrough

Grass Seeding allows gardeners to choose a grass type based on its inherent characteristics, which means that your lawn will be much better suited to the conditions in your garden. We can advise on the right type of grass to suit your environment, prepare the ground, carry out the sowing process and then provide the all important aftercare that ensures that your new lawn becomes established.

Field Topping in Middlesbrough

When managing large expanses of grassland, it is important to keep grass at a manageable level. Regular Topping and Paddock Maintenance will maintain grass sward, prevent weed formation and improve productivity by maintaining grass at a certain level. Regular Field Topping will also leave you with a smart, tidy finish for your field.