Grass Cutting, Field Topping, Rotavating and Seeding in Hartlepool

Modus Builds is a dedicated garden landscaping firm based in Darlington. We offer a full range of effective lawn maintenance and field maintenance services, suitable for sites in Hartlepool and across the North East.

Regular lawn maintenance is essential to ensure that the health and condition of your lawn, allotment, field or outdoor space does not deteriorate. Modus Builds can provide the guidance and expertise needed to transform your lawn, as well as the ongoing maintenance services required to keep it in check.

Our services include:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Grass Cutting
  • Rotovating
  • Field Topping
  • Seeding
  • Paddock Maintenance

We can apply the correct procedures to properly manage any outdoor space, from your garden at home to a commercial property or grazing field. From regular lawn maintenance to seasonal lawn treatments and the removal of rough, overgrown areas of grass, we can provide everything you need to get the most from your lawn.

Modus Builds staff will dispose of all grass cuttings.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing

Regular grass cutting and lawn mowing can be time consuming. Modus Builds can provide the appropriate equipment and manpower to keep your lawn at a manageable level. We apply expert lawn care practices for gardens both small and large.

We offer both regular lawn maintenance and one-off grass cutting and lawn mowing services for domestic and commercial properties in Hartlepool.

Rotavating and Seeding

Rotavating is a process whereby soil is systematically churned up, broken down and aerated using a rotavator (also known as a cultivator). This uses a set of blades or rotors to break through the top layer of soil, leaving a smooth, uniform surface in which to begin seeding. Rotavating is especially useful in large areas or in situations where the cultivation of certain plants requires an extra depth of soil.

Modus Builds offers a thorough and effective rotovating service which is fit for gardens, allotments and fields. Rotavators help prepare the ground for planting, levelling, turfing or seeding and also improves drainage on site.

Field Topping and Paddock Maintenance

When managing wide expanses of grassland, including grassland for grazing animals, field topping can achieve a range of objectives. Regular field topping and paddock maintenance will address the problem of overgrown grass growth and promote biodiversity on site. Field Topping will also maintain grass sward, prevent weed formation and improve productivity by maintaining grass at a certain level.

Modus Builds provides bespoke field topping and paddock maintenance services in Hartlepool that leaves your site with a smooth, uniform and tidy finish, as well as improving the condition of your grassland.