Grass Cutting, Field Topping, Rotavating and Seeding in Bishop Auckland

For almost all gardens, allotments, fields, public parks and commercial land, regular lawn care and lawn maintenance is essential in maintaining both health and visual appearance. As an experienced landscape gardening specialist Modus Builds can provide a full range of grounds maintenance and lawn care treatments for gardens both small and large in Bishop Auckland.

We work on gardens, allotments, public parks, fields and commercial areas, providing services such as grass cutting, lawn mowing, field topping, rotovating, seeding and paddock maintenance. At Modus Builds our gardeners can carry out lawn maintenance on an ongoing basis and for single projects, as well as being able to provide horticultural advice and recommend seasonal lawn treatments to help you get the most from your garden.

Our lawn maintenance services provide the expertise required keep your garden healthy and sustainable whilst saving you time and money.

Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing in Bishop Auckland

Regular Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing can be time consuming, but neglecting to do this will have an adverse impact on the health and appearance of your lawn. Modus Builds can provide grass cutting and lawn mowing services for small and large gardens, public parks and large expanses of land, using the right equipment and methods to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We can clear away overgrown areas of grass with minimal expense and inconvenience. Modus Builds disposes of all grass cuttings.

Rotovating in Bishop Auckland

Rotovating is used to properly cultivate soil, thereby preparing it for the planting of certain plants or crops. Our gardeners will systematically apply a rotovator (also known as a cultivator) over a targeted plot of land. Using a set of spinning blades or rotors, the rotovator will break through, churn up and aerate the soil, leaving a smooth, uniform layer of soil in which to plant or seed.

Rotovating is especially useful in circumstances where you need to break through extra layers of soil for successful cultivation, or for large plots of land where manual labour with spades and trowels would be time consuming.

Seeding in Bishop Auckland

By seeding your lawn rather than laying down turf, you can choose from a wider range of grass types and specifications that may be better suited for the conditions in your garden. Modus Builds can prepare your lawn for seeding, sow your lawn and then provide aftercare to ensure that your grass seeds become established.

Field Topping and Paddock Maintenance

When managing large expanses of grassland, field topping and paddock maintenance play important roles in preventing the uncontrolled growth of grass and weeds. Modus Builds can provide regular field topping services to help maintain grass sward and prevent weed formation. This will deliver sustained improvements to the health and productivity of fields and grassland.