Garden Designers in Darlington and Bishop Auckland

Modus Builds is an experienced landscape garden designer based in Darlington.

From providing expert horticultural advice to undertaking full garden renovations Modus Builds is your one stop solution for all your landscape gardening requirements. We offer versatile garden design services for domestic customers in Darlington and Bishop Auckland, based on our years of expertise and dedicated to our craft.

At Modus Builds our gardeners work in collaboration with our clients in order to ensure that the garden designs that we create are in every sense a unique, personal tribute to you and your sense of style. Our aim is to create the garden you’ve always wanted, complete with features that are both functional and attractive.

Garden Design Specialists in Darlington

Our garden designers in Darlington and Bishop Auckland begin a project with an initial site survey and design concept, which naturally evolves as the project takes its course. As stated above, this process is a collaborative one: we want you to be an involved as you like, getting creative and exploring different options in order to create a garden that you can be proud of.

We then add our expertise to this creative process, suggesting features that would work well in your garden and fit well together. Our design ideas can be tailored to fit gardens both big and small and consider features such as colour, texture, space and height. We also include features such as:

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Water Features
  • Ground Levelling and Landscaping

Once we have agreed upon a design brief, the next step of the project is to decide upon what plants to populate your new garden with. Finding the right signature plants is crucial to establishing a sense of ambience and character to your garden, and it is important to consider plants that work well together and will suit the conditions of your garden.

For example, gardens with a lot of shade and very little areas of exposed natural light will require plants that thrive under those conditions and will not get in each other’s way.

Timber Building & Shed Design

Garden Shed Design in Darlington and Bishop Auckland

Timber building is another area which presents us with some interesting options and has become something of a specialty at Modus Builds.

We can both design and construct your dream garden shed, summerhouse, log cabin or garden workshop, complete with customised interior and exterior finishes and built using best practice standards. Modus Builds can even install the shed on your site once your project is complete.

As well as sheds we can produce a definitive range of customised garden furniture including seats, tables, wood carvings and ornaments. Please get in touch by phone or email to discuss.