Fencing in Richmond

For steel, wood and mesh fencing, Modus Builds is a dedicated supplier of all types and styles of garden fencing to homes, parks and schools in Richmond.

We can offer both supply and installation of wood and mesh fencing suitable for schools, parks and even entire estates, as well as individual homes and gardens. This includes all types of fence panels, posts and related accessories, caps and trim options.

With garden fences and fencing products, having the right specification of fence panel for your project is vital. At Modus Builds you can specify the height, size and diameter of your fence panels and posts, choose your style and then have them delivered right to your door in the volume you need.

Wood Fencing in Richmond

Wood Fencing in Richmond

At Modus Builds we offer everything from traditional to modern garden fence designs available in a variety of sizes. This includes palisade, paling and picket fences as well as party fences and temporary fencing for schools, parks and estates in Richmond.

As well as wood fence panels and feather edge boards we offer:

  • Wood Arches
  • Gravel Boards
  • Garden Trellis
  • Wood Gates

Garden fences provide shade, seclusion and privacy for your garden whilst also marking out clear borders, boundaries and edges. In gardens adjacent to busy roads, train lines or other sources of loud noises, acoustic fencing can also act as an effective sound barrier. Please enquire within for more details.

Wire Mesh Fencing in Richmond

Wire Mesh Fencing in Richmond

Wire mesh fences have suitable applications in parks, schools and sports fields and represent a high security, high performance fencing option for local councils and other organisations. From basic demarcation applications to creating internal boundaries and perimeter fencing, mesh fencing is widely applicable and highly cost effective.

Modus Builds offer systematic mesh fencing installation using an efficient and flexible build system. Our mesh fencing in Richmond is available in both standard and non-standard colours and is appropriate for use in a variety of sites. We also offer wire mesh railings, netting and security fixings for creating structurally secure enclosures.

Fence Posts in Richmond

From experience we understand how fundamental fence posts are in providing structural support, integrity and cohesion to your garden. We supply both standard and slotted fence posts as well as heavy duty fence posts for environments that are subject to adverse weather conditions.