Fencing in Middlesbrough

As fencing, decking and timber specialists Modus Builds can supply and install both wood and mesh fencing for gardens, schools, estates and public parks throughout Middlesbrough and the North East.

Garden fences offer privacy, seclusion and shade, as well as the opportunity to mark out internal borders and boundaries in your garden. We offer all types and specifications of fence panel, fence posts and fencing accessories for domestic and commercial customers in Middlesbrough and can deliver steel, wood and mesh fence panels straight to your door.

With Modus Builds everything is straightforward: you can specify the height, size and diameter of your fence panel, choose the style you want and we will do the rest.

Wood Fences in Middlesbrough

Wood Fencing in Middlesbrough

Wood fences are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. At Modus Builds we stock a wide range of wood fence panels, posts and related accessories suitable for use in gardens, parks and estates in Middlesbrough. We also offer garden trellis, arches, gates and gravel boards, allowing you to build around your garden fences and really integrate them into your garden.

Our range of wood fencing products includes:

  • Fence Panels
  • Feather Edge Boards
  • Palisade, Paling or Picket Fences
  • Party Fences
  • Stock Fences
  • Temporary Fencing

We also offer acoustic fencing for sites that are nearby or close to things like busy roads, train tracks or other sources of noise pollution. As well as looking the part our acoustic wooden fencing forms an effective sound barrier, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of your garden.

Wire Mesh Fences in Middlesbrough

Wire Mesh Fencing in Middlesbrough

Wire Mesh Fencing forms an effective perimeter at sites including public parks, schools and sports fields, as well as in many commercial and industrial sites throughout the North East. At Modus Builds we offer rigid, structurally secure and high performance wire mesh fencing available in both standard and non-standard colours.

We use a flexible build system to create suitable sized enclosures and boundaries around certain areas and can construct wire mesh fences to suit the demarcation aims of any plan or design.

Fence Posts in Middlesbrough

With Modus Builds, getting in new fence posts or replacing old ones is simple and straightforward. We offer both standard and slotted fence posts as well as heavy duty fence posts for environments that are subject to adverse weather conditions. We also offer a full installation service that ensures that your fence posts and panels are fitted securely into position and stand the test of time.