Driveways in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Redesigning driveways is an integral part of any domestic landscape gardening project and at Modus Builds we firmly believe that your driveway should be a statement for your home. We offer a wide range of paving types and designs to complement any home or garden in the North East.

As a landscape design specialist Modus Builds can create bespoke driveway design templates based on Natural Stone, Concrete Block Paving and Pattern Imprinted paving solutions. We base our driveway and driveway designs in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham on the basis of quality, durability and style whilst ensuring that your driveway complements the other features in your garden.

We also understand that your driveway is in almost daily use, which means that it needs to be built to last. Our driveway designs incorporate an exhaustive list of checks and procedures to ensure that the finished product is not only stylist but also long lasting and weather resistant.

All our paving slabs and products are ethically sourced from local suppliers.

Driveway Design in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Our customers often come to us with a vision of what they want to create. Likewise, some people would simply like to see an improvement being made to what they already have, but don’t know quite what that means to them. At Modus Builds we can show our customers in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham exactly what our designs will mean for their garden using a combination of complementary colours, textures and finishes to create the ideal driveway design.

From simple concrete, loose gravel and block paving designs to brick, natural stone and more elaborate, pattern imprinted designs, Modus Builds provides the complete driveway design package together with a range of exterior landscaping solutions including ground levelling and pathway construction.

Driveway Design in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Step By Step Guide to Driveways in Richmond, Hartlepool and Durham

Once we have arrived at the ideal design, the next step of the project is construction. At Modus Builds we use a tried and tested construction process to transform your driveway, taking in all elements of driveway construction including drainage and ground works.

Our process is carried out as follows:

  1. Preparation – drainage is installed and the area is cleared of rubble and debris. Ground levelled in order to set the levels and falls of the drive.
  2. Laying of Concrete and Stonework – this is done according to the specifications of the chosen design, including colouring, texture and printed of concrete and stonework. The provision of walk boards during this is process is standard on site to allow you to safely navigate around your garden.
  3. Cleaning – using a high pressure jet wash and cleaning agent we methodically cleanse your driveway of dirt, weeds and other elements.
  4. Sealing – applied using a brush or roller. Once we have sealed your driveway vehicles must be kept off the surface of the drive for at least 24 hours. Resealing available on request.