Driveways in Darlington, Stockton and Bishop Auckland

Modus Builds provide expert driveway design and driveway construction services for homeowners who are looking to transform their driveway. Ranging from natural stone to concrete block paving and pattern imprinted paving stones, our driveway designs cover a wide variety of styles and finishes including traditional and contemporary.

We offer a wealth of options for domestic homes and gardens including block and pattern imprinted paving, concrete, brick, loose gravel and natural stone. Our style and approach as garden landscape specialists is to build the style of your driveway around the other features in your garden, ensuring that your driveway fits into your garden landscape.

All our paving stones and other resources are ethically sourced from local suppliers.

Driveway Design in Darlington, Stockton and Bishop Auckland

Your driveway is one of the principle features of your front garden, and as such can be used to really make a statement. Our driveway designers draw on design templates and ideas that complement the features of any house or property and use a collaborative process that takes your ideas and preferences on board in the design state.

Our driveway designs range from traditional to contemporary, as well as incorporating materials such as natural stone, brick, block paving and loose gravel in order to achieve the desired effect.

Of course, your driveway is also of great practical benefit and is used in one way or another almost every day. As such your driveway needs to be hardwearing, durable and long lasting, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing and blending into its surroundings. At Modus Builds our designs place emphasis on all of these priorities when creating drives and driveways.

Driveway Design in Darlington, Stockton and Bishop Auckland

Step By Step Guide to Driveway Construction in Darlington, Stockton and Bishop Auckland

Our driveways constructions are set out in clear stages in order to ensure that build quality is controlled throughout the duration of the construction project. Our tried and tested methodology has proven itself in a wide variety of domestic garden environments and covers all aspects of driveway construction.

  1. Preparation – the site is cleared of rubble and debris; drainage and ground works are installed. Ground is levelled to establish proper contours and falls of the driveway.
  2. Laying of Concrete and Stonework – concrete is laid down and set; stonework, paving and bricks are added. Walk Boards are provided as standard to allow access to drive.
  3. Cleaning – high pressure jet wash and cleaning agent is used to thoroughly cleanse targeted area.
  4. Sealing – sealer is applied using either a brush or roller device. We recommend that vehicles are kept off the drive for a period of 24 hours to allow the sealant to take effect. Optional resealing is available on an ongoing basis.

Soft landscaping solutions and exterior landscaping (including paths, kerbs and edges) are also available.